Kay Urquhart testimonial

Montessori is, and has been for many years, a large part of my family’s life. Being a mother of 3 children who all attended Montessori schools, and a Montessori guide for 15 years, I realised that even though I was having a positive impact in the lives of many children, I could do more. This was the impetus to begin the

Training of Trainers program.

It was a difficult decision at first though, because it meant making quite a few sacrifices.

I began the first course which was a modular format operating during school holidays. During the school term I was working full time in a 3-6 environment. This meant that it was in the evenings and weekends that I would have to find space and time to do my reading and writing of papers. With 3 young children, this was a challenge.

The MM75 funding allowed me to take time away from work so that I could dedicate time to my studies whilst at the same time have some time and energy to give to my family.

For my third course I moved, temporarily, to another country. It was a wonderful opportunity and a great experience.  I had the financial support from the MM75 fund and the support from the Montessori Training Centre community who accepted me. I will never forget this time.

I am very grateful for the generous support from the MM75

Fund. This support meant so much to me and my family.

I have recently completed my first Diploma Course as Director of Training in Sydney.

I continue to be in awe of Dr Montessori’s incredible understanding of the human psyche which inspires me everyday.

Kay Urquhart
Primary Trainer – Australia