Madhavi Gaddam testimonial

I recently got the trainer’s status at the elementary level. I chose a seminar format to do my trainers program where all the seminars were held in the USA and the last one in Amsterdam. I am from India, so travel twice every year was giving me a lot of financial challenges. I approached MM75 asking for a loan to pay the seminar fee and they allotted me a loan within no time. It was an interest-free loan and I have to repay 50% of it after I became a trainer, that was a big surprise for me. During my training period, I also took few other private loans, but I did not get such an allowance anywhere.To my surprise, When it was time for me to repay the amount of 50% of the actual amount, they said that I can do it in instalments in a five years span. I could not believe it, because generally it is hard to get a loan in India, and without interest, it will be highly impossible. I was so amazed and felt so touched, so I decided to contribute to this organization sincerely after becoming a trainer. This motivated me to continue my work.

In my experience, I never encountered someone/organization who can think so deeply and can touch you so deep with their act. I am so thankful to MM75 and AMI for their generosity. I am very happy that I am going to contribute to it through my work, for the rest of my life.

With gratitude,
Madhavi Gaddam