Naoko Ogawa testimonial

I became an AMI trainer in 2009, and I could not have done this without the help of the MM 75 Fund.  When I applied for the training of trainer’s program, I needed to commit myself to the program 100 percent, which involved moving from my native Japan to America to fulfill the requirements of the program. It cost me greatly. The MM 75 Fund supported me during those difficult years.

When I look back on these years, it was more than “a loan” from the Fund.  I felt much support from people who, like me, believe in Dr. Montessori’s principles of education.  When I experienced difficulty continuing the program, I thought of the people who were most kind and gracious to offer me the means to sustain myself while I completed the program. My goal was not only for myself- it was, and is, an extension of Dr. Montessori’s goal, which is to offer education based on her discoveries.

Because of the support from MM 75, I was able to focus on studying Dr. Montessori’s approach to education in a deeper way, not having to worry about my financial situation.  I could focus on the greater view of my goal.

I hope more AMI trainers will be able to spread Montessori education in the world, and that the MM 75 Fund will continue to be one of the greatest supporters of future trainers.

Naoko Ogawa
Primary Trainer – Japan