Prabha Karthik testimonial

Getting into the training of trainers programme is not an easy decision. It is a life altering one. Just like many others before me, I had to deal with a significant change in the intensity and range of work, a loss of income for an extended period of time, huge travel expenditures since I was part of the elementary seminar programme, all with the family commitments that involve young children and elderly parents.

Due to COVID, I had to travel only once for the last seminar from India to Amsterdam, but even that was quite an expense. The MM75 fund was really a boon. The ease with which the loan was sanctioned and the knowledge that once I became Auxiliary trainer, I only had to pay back 50% of it, that too interest free, was an enormous help. The fact that I could repay it in instalments over a period of 5 years made the repayment quite painless. Although the loan alone was not sufficient to support me through the seven years of training, it helped to ease my financial burden a little and I am grateful for that.